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Talent Management

Recruitment and selection of the right individuals is important for the ongoing profitability of the business but if you could build talent through the existing workforce then wouldn’t that make more sense?  Talent management is an effective way to utilise your best asset – your people, developing internal resource, ensuring business continuity and fostering positive engagement as a result.

This process can be quite straight forward and at Clever HR we can work with you to:

  • Identify and map the competencies of critical roles and key risk areas or skills shortages within your business
  • Understand which key positions have succession plans and those that don’t
  • Determine workforce demographics i.e. length of service, skill levels, time in role, performance ratings, recruitment data, development plans
  • Identify key talent within the business that may be ready for promotion now or in 2-5 years’ time
  • Determine how to motivate and retain such talent through ongoing development, coaching and practical placements
  • Ensure those people not performing are identified and plans are put in place to support their ongoing development or exit from the organisation

How we can help and support You

  • Practical and professional advice to support you throughout the talent management process
  • Develop a robust competency framework
  • Implement a structured format for critical role and succession plan templates
  • Deliver workshops on how to introduce talent management to support your recruitment process