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Recruitment and Selection

Developing and maintaining a selection system that yields solid returns is crucial to every organisation. In today’s competitive climate, over 75% of companies are finding it more difficult to recruit for key positions.  In addition, it can take on average 63 business days to fill an open position, with an average cost of £14k per hire, this can make recruitment and selection a real business challenge.
At Clever HR we can fully support your managers and provide Capability Based Interview Skills training to ensure the selection process includes accuracy, equity and buy in and is something that you can professionally support and deploy.

Top tips for successful recruitment

  • Implement a structured competency framework for all positions
  • Ensure job descriptions and person specifications are linked to the competency framework
  • Preparation is key – ensure all information has been reviewed prior to interview i.e. job profile, candidate information and tailor questions appropriately
  • Create detailed interview booklets based on the competency framework that should be used for all candidates
  • Ensure 2 interviewers attend the interview to ensure fairness and ease of collection of information (ideally at least 1 interviewer to be trained in competency based interview techniques)
  • Have a breakdown of questions that focus on competencies and some that focus on motivational fit or culture
  • Be aware of legal considerations in accordance with the Equality Act 2010
  • Remember that all information collected may be scrutinised and challenged so ensure your paperwork is legally compliant!

How we can help and support You

  • Practical and professional advice to support you throughout the recruitment and selection process
  • Develop a robust competency framework
  • Create interview booklets and selection criteria
  • Conduct competency based interviews
  • Deliver workshops on how to conduct effective competency based interviews