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Disciplinary and Misconduct

To enable a business to run effectively and efficiency, standards for performance and conduct must be followed.  Where an employees conduct does not meet these standards forcing the employee/employer relationship to break down you may have to apply formal disciplinary action.  Getting this process right can save valuable time and costs however it is important that you follow the required employment legislation.

Some cases of low level misconduct or inappropriate behaviour may be managed through an informal process, these discussions are managing for today to gain the desired behaviour for tomorrow.

The Disciplinary Process

  • Conducting an investigation allows you to establish the facts and if necessary start the formal disciplinary process.
  • Undertake a disciplinary hearing and consider all the relevant information and evidence.
  • Employees have the right to be accompanied by a work colleague or Trade Union Official (in line with your company Disciplinary Policy) at any formal disciplinary meeting.
  • Make a decision on whether misconduct has occurred and what the following sanction will be.
  • If the employee wishes to appeal the decision they must notify the employer within the required timeframe.

How we can help and support You

  • Practical and professional advice to help you manage your disciplinaries the right way.
  • Legally compliant documentation including a Disciplinary Policy and all legal supporting documentation including letters.
  • Investigate an incident or hold the disciplinary meetings for you.
  • Train your managers on how to conduct fair disciplinary meetings.